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Lazola is a business analyst at African Ideas. He has been assigned to the Western Cape Broadband Strategy and Readiness Advisory Project since 2013. One of the deliverables of this assignment is the setting up of an effective knowledge management system for the project. The project is very large and complex – cutting across multiple departments at Provincial Government, Local Government, National Government, contracted consultants and a wide variety of external stakeholders.

Rasagee has more than 20 years of experience in the field of research and knowledge management, having worked successfully in the academic, NGO, private and government sectors in South Africa.  Prior to 1998, she worked for a Provincial Government (KZN), a Municipality, IDASA, the Robben Island Museum, the HSRC and a University. From 1998 – 2003, she worked for Accenture as a Senior Knowledge Specialist, managing all KM activities in Accenture’s Cape Town office, both at client sites and internally.  In 2003, she founded InfoWizz, a knowledge management consultancy with a primary focus on ICT for Development work.  She is currently Research Director at African Ideas.

Farhaana Allie is currently a Project Manager at African Ideas, with 11 years’ experience in the public sector, spanning various disciplines and industries. She is highly-skilled at government processes, systems and procedures. She has a Masters’ Degree in Public Relations Management, with a passion for communication, in particular strategic communication, stakeholder and crisis management. She has the ability to be able to understand government expectations and how effective communication is required in order to achieve their ultimate goals; together this combination is very influential.

Nirvesh Sooful is the CEO of African Ideas, a strategic consultancy that he founded focussing on helping governments to accelerate the benefits of ICT enabled change through transformation of the public sector and the wider economy. Nirvesh has more than 25 years’ experience in the ICT industry and has been involved in many large, complex, innovative and often controversial projects.

Nirvesh is well regarded as a thought leader within the ICT industry in South Africa and internationally. He has been an expert speaker at many local and global conferences, as well as contributing to numerous papers and research initiatives. He is known as being a visionary, dynamic leader with extensive experience at executive and strategic management level. However in addition to vision and strategy, he has an excellent track record of successfully delivering large, complex projects cutting across multiple departments and operational units, ensuring that the business benefit is achieved – essentially turning vision and strategy into reality.

One of the key challenges hampering broadband services in South Africa (and Africa) is the lack of an effective last mile connectivity solution (i.e. how to connect the home to the backbone broadband networks). This is even more of a challenge in the rural context.

African Ideas has been very active in creating and driving the e-education strategy and approach taken by the Western Cape Government (WCG).

African Ideas drove the concept of a schools wide area network (WAN) as an anchor of the provincial wide broadband. This fundamentally changes the way that schools can use technology to teach and learn, ultimately leading to improved education outcomes.

African Ideas CEO, Mr. Nirvesh Sooful, facilitated the first session with Education officials and other stakeholders, introducing concepts and ideas that eventually became the Western Cape Education Department's e-Vision document.

Emanating from this, an e-education business case was developed, extensive work was done looking the infrastructure, content, training, classroom and learner technologies, etc. that was needed to make this vision happen. African Ideas advised the WCG and the WCED throughout this process.

We are a strategy and innovation company focused on Africa. Our services focus on strategic planning, research and disruptive innovation especially related to the impact of digitisation across society.