Digital Readiness and Usage

04 May 2015

There is growing evidence that the diffusion of ICT is an accelerator of economic growth in a country (studies by the OECD, World Bank, Economic Commission for Africa, etc.). Broadband is being identified as a key contributor to economic growth and offering “opportunities for employment generation, creation of new sources of innovation and enhancement of industrial competitiveness” However, it is also important to note that the benefits of broadband will not be achieved by infrastructure alone. It is achieved by focussing on a combination of infrastructure, readiness and usage – with is a key feature of the strategic approach developed African Ideas for our clients.

Countries that have achieved the mass adoption of connected digital technologies and applications by consumers, enterprises, and governments — have realized significant benefits in their economies, their societies, and the functioning of their public sectors.The research is clear, in addition to a focus on access (infrastructure)), policymakers need to set into motion programs and plans that focus on the widespread adoption and usage of technology.

A key role of government is to stimulate demand. Creating demand for ICT services requires a high level of ICT literacy and skilled human capital. Policymakers are required to invest in digitization by providing training programs and education incentives. In addition, they can educate the population about the digital services available. Finally, they can boost usage by promoting high-speed broadband services and ensuring that these networks both are widely available and affordable. .

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