Saldanha Bay wireless last mile access

10 April 2015

One of the key challenges hampering broadband services in South Africa (and Africa) is the lack of an effective last mile connectivity solution (i.e. how to connect the home to the backbone broadband networks). This is even more of a challenge in the rural context.

The Saldanha Bay Municipality (SBM) aims to be an innovative municipality on the cutting edge in respect of the use of technology and best practice.  In this respect, the municipality embarked upon a process to implement a broadband project in Saldanha Bay that entails establishing a wireless broadband network that will enable households, individuals and businesses to achieve the benefits of high speed, low cost broadband services. Essentially the municipality wants to find the answer to the challenge of an effective last mile connectivity solution within the African context

The SBM has partnered with African Ideas to guide them through this process and develop innovative solutions.  African Ideas is driving the creation of a strategic partnership between the municipality, large-scale enterprises within the municipality and one of the largest telcos in South Africa in an attempt to develop new, innovative and cost effective methods of household, government (municipal) and business connectivity in the SBM area.

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