A core focus of African Ideas work is the evolution towards smart cities and intelligent infrastructure. We also focus on the data and information that is being generated by citizens, and how citizens are are building their own powerful platforms - generating some data, taking other data from multiple places, mashing this together, analysing this and drawing conclusions - without government or big business. And now this connected technology is entering the home.

Another chapter in the smart city story is being written by citizens, who are using apps, DIY sensors, smartphones and the web to solve the city problems that matter to them.

In the future everything in a city, from the electricity grid, to the sewer pipes to roads, buildings and cars will be connected to the network. Buildings will turn off the lights for you, self-driving cars will find you that sought-after parking space and even the rubbish bins will be smart. The city becomes a living laboratory for smart technologies that can handle all major systems - water, transport, security, garbage, green buildings, clean energy, and more.

We are a strategy and innovation company focused on Africa. Our services focus on strategic planning, research and disruptive innovation especially related to the impact of digitisation across society.