Playstation by Rush

Rush is an indoor extreme trampoline park playing host to all types of events from birthday parties to product launches, movie filming, and corporate team building sessions. The Rush brand, dedicated to adrenaline junkies, is the first of its type in Africa, introduced in South Africa and is locally owned and operated with the vision of being a business that is committed to the area and to its visitors. They are enthusiastic about special needs, obesity, health, and fitness.

Rush also accommodates non-participating guests with free WIFI, imported coffee, healthy snacks and cake bar while their family and friends enjoy all the facilities Rush has to offer.

Rush has a website specifically for PlayStation, their local indoor amusement park. The website was not performing well in terms of search engine visibility, frequently showing up on page four of Google results. Rush required a replacement website, and this one would have to feature a modern design showcasing the very best User Interface principles. More crucially, PlayStation Rush itself would need to be listed on the top page of Google results when searching for indoor parks, as they already had a clientele that was unable to discover them online.

This was another site developed by the team (https://playstation.rushsa.co.za/). Development of this website required extensive understanding of both design principles and of search engine optimisation (SEO). As a result, the site – compared to its predecessor – increased the clickthrough rate (CTR) by 30% almost immediately. All aspects of the site were also pushed to a “Good” rating when evaluated by SEO software, the highest grade available. Compared to its predecessor, the site, on average, was fetched as the 4th Google result for key terms, where previously it would only appear on the 3rd page of Google results.

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