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Western Cape Broadband Programme  

The Western Cape Broadband Initiative is regarded as a true game changer project for the province. The project has embarked on many leading and innovative approaches and initiatives. African Ideas has played a key role in this project from the beginning. Through consultation there was a strong view that “less talk and more action” was needed, and African Ideas was appointed as Strategy and Readiness Advisors to assist and guide the Western Cape Government (WCG) with respect to the broadband initiative.  

In this project, African Ideas produced the Western Cape Broadband Strategic Framework, which was presented to the Provincial Cabinet and approved. We then produced the business case for the WC Broadband, which was also approved. We then created the tender for the Provincial Wide Area Network (PWAN), in conjunction with a variety of stakeholders, created the scoring model, and helped manage the adjudication of the tender. We assisted the Department in the procurement of the Transaction Advisors for the PPP process, the procurement of a service provider for the development of a skills intelligence platform, etc., etc.  

As part of this project, assistance and support was provided to various Western Cape municipalities. Significant assistance was also provided to the Western Cape DLG with the State of ICT in Municipalities survey and subsequent report that was referenced in the terms of reference for the current scope of work. A connected municipalities roadmap (strategic framework) was also developed. 

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