Western Cape Department of Human Settlements Change Navigation Specialist   

The Department of Human Settlements has a responsibility to develop sustainable integrated human settlements in the Western Cape, tasked with creating human settlements that allow Western Cape residents to access social and economic opportunities close to where they live, as specified on the WCG website.   

The Western Cape Department of Human Settlements had multiple projects on their Operational ICT Plan for 2018/2019, which had implications on change navigation. They required a specialist to assist the department to deliver projects on time and within budget, and the goal was to ensure an increase in employee adoption and usage.  

We currently have a senior Change Navigation Specialist placed at the Department of Human Settlements. The primary responsibility of a change navigation practitioner is to create and implement change management strategies and plans that maximise employees’ adoption and usage of new business processes, systems, and technology and minimise resistance to change. The change navigation practitioner works with system and process owners to drive faster adoption, higher utilisation of, and proficiency with the changes that impact employees. These improvements increase benefit realisation, value creation, ROI and the achievement of results and outcomes.  We are now in the fourth year of the contract and there are discussions about new opportunities. 

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