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Everything from ONLINE business profiles to custom-developed platforms

African Ideas has built a suite of Innovative Digital Products to meet specific customer needs, from Human Resource to Financial Management.

Most of our solutions are reusable and scalable applications developed on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Our expert team is ready to guide you through seamless deployment and proficient utilization.

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Case/ Incident Management

Empower your municipality with a robust and efficient solution that revolutionizes how cases and incidents are managed. Our Case and Incident…

Time Off

Introducing Time Off: Streamlined Leave Management Made Easy Simplify leave management and empower your employees with our innovative Time Off application….

Timesheet Management

Introducing our Timesheet Management System for Streamlined Efficiency Simplify and streamline your timesheets process with our innovative Timesheet Management System. Built…

Project Management

Our cutting-edge Project Management Application was designed to revolutionize how you monitor and manage projects within your department and municipalities. It…

Performance Tracking

Introducing the groundbreaking APP Tracking Dashboard, a comprehensive system designed exclusively for government departments to monitor and manage their performance in…